IPS WashBall

This revolutionary product uses its own power source. It works on the same principle as IPS (change of calcite to aragonite).

Maintenance free device with its own electrical current.
Contains patented system of electrodes made from different conductive material.
During the contact with water, it creates wet galvanic cell.
It does not change water chemical structure, it modifies its features so the washing detergent is sufficiently dissolved and so it effectively removes dirt and odour.
Prooven by independent testing lab – Clearview (USA)

How the IPS WashBall works

IPS Washball effectively change hard crystals of calcite to aragonite. This cause the water to act like softer, which as a result increase washing efficiency of all detergents and protect your washing machine from limescale. Our and also independent tests proove that IPS washball significantly improove washing results.

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Benefits of using IPS WashBall

Limescale Protection

It is proven that IPS technology is able to reduce limescale up to 76%. Same technology which is used for IPS KalyxX is used in IPS WashBall.

Water Saving

Thanks to higher efficiency of washing detergents you can use shorter washing machines programmes.

Higher Washing Efficiency

It is proven with our internal tests and also by independent test (Clearview-USA) that washball has positive effects on Higher Washing Efficiency. During our test of Cotton/40°C/60ml washing gel we reach such a result.

100 % of tests were with the same or better results with using of WashBall.
Average washing performance when using WashBall is 3,67% higher; highest efficiency achieved by black tea, the washing performance with WashBall was about 36,79% higher.
If WashBall is used in standard washing, the effectiveness of the washing effect is usually increased (dependent on kind of contamination).
The effect of using WashBall can be clearly recommended without negative side effects.

Money Saving

Our tests prove that in some cases you can reach or simillar results when you use our washball and you use less detergents by 1/3 or even by 2/3. Assuming the use of IPS WashBall, in the case of washing with a lower amount of detergent than the recommended, washing efficiency is often significantly higher with than without IPS WashBall, sometimes it is comparable.

Only in the case of extreme pollution (like oil spot), IPS WashBall cannot be recommended as an effective tool for increasing the washing effect. In 90% of laundry with less detergents results with washball were better or the same. Average washing performance when using IPS WashBall was improved by 7,22% (reduction of detergent by 1/3) respective 20,41% (reduction of detergent by 2/3).

Environment Friendly

Less detergents used for laundry = less detergents in the waste = less dettergents in the river.

The fact is, that most of us use more detergents than needed. With less detergents in most cases you can reach very simillar results and they can be even improoved while using IPS WashBall.