OptimFlush creates a next generation of the toilet. Tank less toilet without external power supply, with extremely low water consumption fulfilling the strictest parameters of current technical standards and regulations with focus on maximum simplicity and reliability of the system.

"All In One" philosophy puts the greatest emphasis on fast and easy installation and building readiness. The top priority is the final appearance.

The most efficient flushing system.
No need for a concealed cistern installation.
Adjustable water quantity.
Higher water level – less need to use toilet brush.
Quiet operation – low noise level of flushing.
Quick and easy installation.
Tested for 200 000 cycles.
CE certificated – comply with EN997.

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The OptimFlush System was launched on the USA market by American Standard in 6/2020 as part of the toilet of the new Studio S bathroom series.

Studio S is quieter than most comparable toilets, requires no batteries or electrical power, and uses a standard bathroom inlet water connection.

Contemporary design is sleek and seamless.
Smooth, skirted sides conceal the trapway.
Exclusive flushing system is powerful, quiet and requires no electrical power.
Uses standard inlet water connection.
One waterway flows through the CleanCurve rim, a unique rim design that eliminates the spaces where dirt can hide.
Second waterway goes directly to the bowl jet to clear the bowl quickly and completely, every time.
Ultra-high efficiency; uses water-conserving 1.0 gpf/3.8 Lpf.
Right Height for comfortable use.
Slow-close, easy lift-off seat and lid included.