IPS Industry


The use of IPS Industry is effective and suitable in any running water plant. Washing lines, restaurants, canteens, bakeries, laundries, hairdressers, dry cleaners, swimming pools, dairies, breweries, distilleries, gardening, irrigation systems and much more. It also works reliably in heat exchangers, water systems, boilers, condensers, generators, heating systems, compressor rooms, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Solution for apartment buildings and buildings with higher hourly flow.
Suitable for direct water-to-water heat pump circuit with high output, for stabilization of wastewater purifier at values ​​guaranteed by the producer.
Installation at the entrance to the building.
Cold water supply pipes for central heating at transfer stations and boiler rooms.
Prevent clogging of plate heat exchangers and stabilize specific heat demand for hot water.
Stabilization of point corrosion of storage heaters.

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Device Model Unit Connection Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Max. Flow (m3/hour)
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN40 pcs flange 150 475 7 8
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN50 pcs flange 165 478 9 12
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN65 pcs flange 185 482 13 18
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN80 pcs flange 200 510 17 24
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN100 pcs flange 220 503 24 36
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN125 pcs flange 250 512 30 54
IPS Industry IPS Industry DN150 pcs flange 285 520 35 100